Recover Deleted Files from SanDisk Flash Drive

Flash drives are the most commonly used data storage devices. These drives have different names like pen drive, thumb drive and USB flash drive. Flash drives can be accessed by various devices with USB port like computers. Now, in some televisions also have USB ports. You can easily plug in the flash drive and view the files present in it. Even with the help of flash drive, you can carry your important data files and transfer them to any computer. Flash drives are very small in size, easy to use, and also have a very large number of file storage capability. These flash drives come in different data storage capacity and size. There are a number of brands which manufactures flash drives such as Transcend, Kingston, PNY, SanDisk, HP, Sony, Moser Baer, Lexar and many others.

All of these flash drive manufacturing brands offer advanced features which attract people to utilize them. SanDisk is one of the world leading flash drive manufacturing brand. SanDisk flash drives are used by people across the world. Being worlds mostly used flash drives, SanDisk drives are not free from problems. Sometimes, you can come across a situation where your important files from SanDisk flash drive get deleted in any known or unknown way. Deletion of any file from flash drive can be very painful for you and you also want to restore deleted files from SanDisk flash drive at any cost. So to get back your deleted files from SanDisk flash drive, you can take the help of SanDisk Recovery software and easily recover deleted files from SanDisk flash drive by following few simple steps.

Some of the scenarios in which files can be deleted from SanDisk flash drives:

  • Suppose you want to format your system drive, instance of that one, if you select flash drive connected to the computer, then all your files saved on the flash drive get deleted.
  • You can even lose the files from flash drive when the flash drive is scanned by the anti-virus software to detect any threat. If an auto fix option on the anti-virus is enabled, then you will lose the files on it as the anti-virus program deletes the severely infected files.
  • File System corruption of the flash drive also leads to data loss. You will not be able to access the data in it.
  • Accidental deletion, virus infection on SanDisk flash drive, interruption between file transferring process, improper cut past commands can also lead to file deletion from SanDisk flash drive.

Salient Features of SanDisk Recovery Software:

  • It helps you to restore deleted files from SanDisk flash drives on all the latest versions of Apple Mac and Microsoft Windows based operating systems by its powerful scanning mechanism that detects number of files from the flash drive and recover them.
  • With the help of this hassle free approach, you can restore deleted files from SanDisk flash drive which can have any file systems such as FAT32, HTFS, FAT16, and ExFATwithin few simple mouse clicks.
  • SanDisk Recovery app supports to recover different types of files from flash drive include documents, access files, pictures, videos, audios, text files, and many others without any other difficulty.
  • With the help of “Save Recovery Session” feature of this program, you can pause your flash drive scanning process and resume it. This feature helps to save your time and efficiently get back your deleted files from SanDisk flash drive.