Hassle Free Way to Recover Files after Formatting Hard Drive Partition

Formatting is one of the worst things you can do to your hard disk as well as your computer. Partitions in hard drives is nothing but the logical divisions of hard drives. Usually, you can find drives with letters C, D, E, F on your Windows computer. They are all partitions, which use some file system for storing the data and retrieving it when requested by the user. These partitions when formatted, will mark the formatted space as free space and gives a way to store new files.

But actually what happens is, when you delete / format some data from your hard drive partition it still presents on the same location / place. It is the Operating System which marks this as free space. Until overwritten the data can be recovered by using a good file or data recovery software like Remo Recover. Watch the video in the following link to know how to recover files after formatting hard drive partition.

Remo Recover Software – Features

  • Ability to handle hard drive partitions of all file types like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS5, NTFS and ExFAT. Works in Windows OS ranging from Vista to the latest Windows 10.
  • Retrieves data of over 300 file types such as pictures, music, video, archives (compressed), documents, spreadsheets, etc.
  • Ability to retrieve data / files from USB thumb drives, SD cards, HDDs, SSDs, MMC, CF cards, etc.
  • The tool’s interface is built with easy to use and an interactive interface which contained power packed algorithms.
  • Works on formatted / deleted and lost hard drive partitions. In addition to that, it recovers data quickly with a full level of accuracy.

It is mandatory for a recovery software to perform the recovery process safely as any errors or failure while processing the file restore may cause further recovery hard. Remo Recover tool performs recovery safely and makes sure to avoid file overwrites while restoring.

Cases of Hard Drive Partition Formatting

Hard drive partition format can occur due to many scenarios. But under some common scenarios, data needs to be taken care specially. Remo Recover tool specializes in that as we head towards the cases involving in hard drive format.

  • Corruption in hard drives due to various scenarios may cause the partitions inaccessible or corrupted which might end up in formatting.
  • Infection of malicious software components can affect the functionality of the system by spreading itself corrupting volumes. So, it leads to format.
  • Error in resizing the partitions can format some of the data present on the disk and there may be chances of format in hard drive partitions.
  • Formatting the hard drive partition accidentally.
  • Format due to the installation of OS and choosing the partition mistakenly.

You need to keep your data safe and secure by applying all the best practices to your computer hard disk. Failed to do so may result in various data loss / deletion / formatting scenarios. Always be careful and cautious while deleting data in a folder where you keep other important data. Don’t try to format or change the file system after realizing the formatting situation. Keeping the partition of your hard drive unchanged will be helpful.