Acer Aspire Hard Drive Recovery


 “I have very important documents like cherished memories, office documents, identity proof scan copies etc saved on to my hard drive. I am unable to access any one of the files. I do not know how to recover acer aspire hard drive. Can anyone help me recommending an application which allows acer aspire hard drive recovery with ease, keeping all the files intact?”

Do not panic the Acer Aspire Software enables recovery of all multimedia formats, office documents and even files that have been deleted permanently bypassing the recycle bin and even from bad sectors of the drive.

The Acer Aspire Software is a complete recovery tool which allows recovery of data with its easy to use interface and compatibility to various operating systems being Mac and Windows provides an upper hand which is free to download throughout the internet.

The advanced scanning mechanisms allows reaching out for a data very easy and efficient  and its built in algorithms to identify and recover all popular multimedia formats and even from external hard drives, USB devices, Flashwires, iPods very easily.

The Acer Aspire Software enables the user to recover damaged data from RAID(RAID0,RAID1 and RAID5) partitions and even from hard disk types of SATA,SCSI and IDE to name  a few.

Reasons behind files being corrupted!

  • Virus and malwares is always a threat to the security of the files which may get corrupted or the user may also experience unusual behavior. Downloading or transferring data from infected devices can also inflict the other device which may finally result in corrupted files.
  • Unintentional formatting of the drive removes all the contents of the file, leaving the drive completely empty. Mistakenly deleting the important one rather than the file which is relatively less significant can result in loss of important data.
  • Sometimes due to too many bad sectors on the drive requires a format in order to remove all the bad sectors which erases all the contents. Files residing in the bad sectors of the drive become inaccessible.
  • Files deleted by using “SHFT+DEL” which deletes the files permanently thus bypassing the recycle bin.
  • Sometimes due to many various conditions the hard may experience a crash, which renders the complete drive as inaccessible thus resulting complete loss of data.

Why Acer Aspire software?

The Acer Recovery software allows the recovery from hard disk types of NTFS, NTFS 5, FAT16, FAT32 and ExFAT. It retrieves data from bad sectors by creating a disk image of the same to bypass  the bad sector to recover the files later on and even from memory card formats (XD,SD,MMC etc),USB, Flashdrives very easily.

The “Save Recovery Session” allows the user to pause and save the advancement of the recovery process so that the user can continue the recovery process from thereon which in turn reduces time consumed and increases performance. The “Open recovery Session” enables the user to open the saved recovery and continue from thereon which curbs down the time required for repeated scanning of the entire drive.

The “Preview” tool allows the user to view the recovered files prior to saving the files to their desired destination and the “Find” tool enables the user to find a specific file by refining the search area on the basis of date modified, size, name and creation date.

The First try and then buy feature allows the user to firstly download the free version of the software and recover the corrupted files but saving the recovered files to the desired destination folder requires upgrading to the Pro version to experience advanced features.